Do You Remember Two Men Who Swapped Wives In Busia? See How They Are Living Happily

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Two men from Busia county swapped their wives one year ago in an unusual trust of fate after each other deserted their marriage over unending woes. Kevin Barasa took Millicent, the wife of Christopher Abwire, to be his wife and told Lilian, his wife, to get married elsewhere. She searched for the husband of Millicent so as to revenge by eloping with her husband.

Mr Abwire convinced her Lilian to stay with him and even told her to go pick her children and settle with him. They are now living together as husband and wife. Interestingly, four of them have kept contact for the sake of their children whom they see once a month. They signed an agreement in children department that would force both men to provide education while wives would provide food for the children.

One year down the line, Kevin and Barasa who hail from Siroba and Namuchula villages in Matayos and Butula constituencies respectively have since described the decision as to the best of their lives. They revealed that they had no regrets whatever since they made the switch……S££ MOR£

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