Bible Did Not Crown Lion The King Animals, See The King Of All Animals

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Many people believe that the lion is the most powerful animal on the planet. This adage is taught in schools as well as in stories, particularly those involving fiction.

But did God truly appoint any animal to rule the world? Many people will say no, yet the fact is right in front of our eyes. Only one animal was referred to by the Almighty God as the “king of all wild creatures.” In the book of Job, God Almighty refers to this odd and extremely uncommon creature as “LEVITHAN.”

In the book of Job 41:1-32, God gives a good description of ‘LEVITHAN,’ which we will read;

“Can you use a fish hook to catch Levithan or a rope to tie his tongue down?

Is it possible to thread a rope through his nose or a hook through his jaws?

Is he going to beg you to let him go?

Will he beg you for forgiveness?

Will he strike a deal with you and pledge to serve you for the rest of your life?

[verse 9] Anyone who sees LEVITHAN loses their bravery and falls down.”

In the preceding verse, God was speaking with a man named Job, and was attempting to illustrate how non negotiable the beast known as LEVITHAN was. However, beginning with verse 12, God began to give a solid description of the beast; let us read it briefly for those who do not have or are unfamiliar with their BIBLE’s. Job 41:12–24; Job 41:12–24; Job 41:12–

“Allow me to describe LEVITHAN’S legs and how amazing and powerful they are.

No one is able to rip off his outer coat or pierce his armour. Who can force him to open his jaws, which are encircled with those dreadful teeth?

His back is made up of rows of stone-hard shields that are joined together.

Each one is so tightly connected to the next that not even a breath can separate them.

Nothing can ever rip them apart since they are securely linked together.

When he sneezes, a flare of light flashes across his face, and his eyes gleam like the rising sun.

His lips erupts in flames, and streams of sparks fly forth.

Like smoke from weeds growing under a pot, smoke pours out of his nostrils.

His breath ignites the fires, and flames burst from his mouth.

All who come into contact with his neck are afraid.

His skin is flawless; he has no flaws.

It’s as tough as iron and unyielding.

His granite heart is fearless, as unyielding and unyeilding as a millstone.”

This is God’s own depiction of LEVITHAN, and then in verse 34, God referred to Levithan as “king of all wild creatures,” as follows:

“Even the most haughty creatures are looked down upon by him.


By ‘proudest creatures,’ we may deduce that a pride of lions is known as ‘A PRIDE OF LIONS,’ implying that if Levithan can look down on the proudest of animals, he is the strongest of all and can only be silenced by God himself….S££ MOR£

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