Restaurant In Japan Where Monkeys Work As Waiters (Photos)

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As you think about what is going on in the world, you won’t be as shocked, but you’ll also have a hard time comprehending some of the events. I’m sure travelers will agree with me because they’ve seen a lot of things that aren’t available where they’re from now. It appears that new ideas are always being created to capture the attention of everyone. In reality, that is exactly what is going on at a Japanese restaurant, which has opted to employ highly trained monkeys in place of humans to fill the function of a waiter.

Every chance they have, guests look forward to dining at the Kayabukia Tavern restaurant. To achieve this, people go from all over the world. Riders arrive to observe how monkeys take orders and provide service. There have already been some visitors to the location who came not just for the meal but also to see the intelligent monkeys.

Outsiders and, in the majority of cases, visitors from outside Japan find the experience at Kayabukia restaurant to be fascinating. What would you think if the waiter who was carrying your favorite dish at a restaurant was a monkey? The majority of boisterous diners now prefer that mode of transportation.

The names of the two monkeys who work as servers are Fuku Chan and Yat Chan. Fuku Chan and Yat Chan are completely dressed, including their skirt and gown when they depart for work. Even though they were incredibly dependable and committed at work, and that doing so was once as easy as doing so, Mr. Kaoru Otsuka, their supervisor, remarked that dealing with them was once as simple as dealing with average people. When it comes to payment, the two monkeys are no longer bothersome, and they are handed bananas, which is their favored food.

Although Mr. Kaoru admits that at first,t it was difficult to deal with them and that they regularly spilled meals, over time they gradually began to understand and adapt to the responsibilities handed to them. Additionally, he claims that they do not accept food or money in the same way that people do. It’s amazing how resourceful individuals can be; thanks to the unique servers who provide hip service, the restaurant is now among the most well-known in Japan and the entire world……See More

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