Why Do Judges Break Their Pen After A Death Sentence

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Judges break their pen after a death sentence for a few reasons:

1. Serious Decision.

Giving a death sentence is a big, serious decision. Breaking the pen shows how serious it is. It’s like saying, “This decision is final, and there’s no going back.”

2. Feeling Responsibility.

Judges feel a lot of responsibility when making such a big decision. Breaking the pen might help them feel like they’ve let go of that responsibility after making the decision.

3. Showing Respect.

It might be a way for the judge to show respect for the person who will be executed. By breaking the pen, they show that they’ve thought a lot about the decision and are taking it seriously.

4. Symbol of Justice.

Breaking the pen can also be a symbol of justice being served. It’s like saying, “This is the end of my part in this case. Now, justice will take its course…..See More

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