4 Reasons Why Russia May Not Be Defeated In Any War

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Here are four reasons why Russia will be very difficult to be defeated in any war.

1. Russia has the biggest nuclear power.

Russia possesses the most nuclear weapons in the world. According to statistics, Russia has 6,255 nuclear bombs, while the United States has 5,550. In the West, the United Kingdom has only 225 nuclear warheads. France possesses 290 nuclear weapons.

2. The United States relies on Russia for rocket engines.

In retaliation for US sanctions against Russia over Ukraine, Russia has decided to stop supplying rocket engines to the US. According to Rogozin, Russia has delivered 122 RD-180 engines to the United States since the 1990s, with 98 of them powering Atlas launch vehicles.

Roscosmos will also discontinue servicing rocket engines previously delivered to the United States. Rogozin went on to say that the United States still had 24 engines that would be left without Russian technical assistance.

3. Russia has the world’s second-largest air force.

Russia ranks second only to the US in terms of airpower globally. Russia has a total of 4,173 aircraft, including 772 fighters, 739 attacks, 445 transport, 552 trainers, 132 special missions, 20 tankers, 1,543 helicopters, and 544 attack helicopters.

4. Large exporter of crude oil.

Russia is a significant crude oil exporter. Every year, Russia exports crude oil, fertilizers, natural gas, and defense goods. Russia plays a significant role in determining crude oil prices. Every year, Russia exports 6.5 million barrels of oil. Russia generates 17% of the world’s natural gas. At the same time, Russia trades 15% of the world’s nitrogen fertilizer, and it accounts for more than 17% of potash fertilizer exports. Western nations rely on Russia for this…………….See More

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