Here’s What Bob Marley Allegedly Said To His Son Before He Died(PHOTOS)

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Bob Marley will always be regarded as one of the best reggae musicians ever. Everyone agrees that Bob Marley was among the pioneers of reggae music. Some of the genre’s most recognizable songs were created by the legendary Jamaican artist, and lovers of reggae still enjoy listening to them today. The aforementioned, together with One Love, Buffalo Soldiers, Redemption Song, Three Little Birds, and No Woman, No Cry are notable pieces by Bob Marley.

According to reports, Bob Marley died of acral lentiginous melanoma, a type of skin cancer for which he had first had treatment in 1977. In order to arrest the spread of the cancer, Bob Marley’s doctor advised amputating his toe, which could have potentially saved his life. He outright refused, saying that chopping off his toe would go against his religious convictions. On May 11, 1986, Bob Marley passed away at the age of 36.

Bob Marley created a message for one of his sons while he was still living. One of the most important lessons anyone can acquire, according to trustworthy sources, is what Bob Marley told his kid. According to reports, the late reggae legend Bob Marley taught his son that money couldn’t buy him happiness. For instance, even if Bob Marley was wealthy, he still died. True, you can’t buy happiness with money……S££ MOR£

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