Jesus Last Miracle Before His Death & Arrest And Why He Did It Very Fast

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Christ is proclaimed by Christians to be the son of the omnipotent God. Christ was born in the home of Joseph and Mary about 2000 years ago in the nation of Israel.

Jesus started his full-time ministry at the age of 30, and he would only serve in this capacity for three years before ascending back to heaven. Christ left a lasting impression throughout his 30 years on earth with his numerous miracles and teachings.

Christianity has migrated to practically all parts of the globe thanks to the person of Christ. He was later deceived by his close friends, who handed him over to the authorities where he was executed by crucifixion despite his level of authority.Jesus was with his disciples in the garden of Gethsemane just before his crucifixion. He had spent the entire night praying there.

According to the story of John 18:10–11, one of Christ’s disciples, Peter, seized a sword he was carrying and hacked off the ear of a soldier named Malchus while the soldiers were detaining him.

Jesus had to move quickly and decisively to avert a crisis and reprimand the specific disciple at that precise moment.

Jesus had to move quickly while performing this miracle because, among other things, the Roman soldiers and priests would have accused him of instigating an insurrection against the government.

It was at this moment that Jesus picked up the ear and returned it to its position. All of them would have been accused of treason had Jesus not been fast in saving the situation. This became the last miracle that Jesus did before he was arrested and taken before Pilate…..S££ MOR£

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