Why This President Together With His Wife Were Sentenced To Death

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On December 25, 1989, a special military tribunal in Romania began the prosecution of former Romanian President Nicolae Ceau-Treşescu and his wife Nicole and Elena Ceau-Treşescu.In the midst of a horrible war, one of Europe’s most brutal communist regimes was suddenly toppled at this Time.

The Romanians who took him in underwent an event that altered their lives.Ceausescu and his wife Elena were executed on Christmas Day, and more than a thousand people died as a result of the crackdown on protesters that occurred before and after the president’s death.

Why were they executed?

For 24 years, they effectively shared power in Romania, embracing orthodox communist dogma while living affluent lifestyles as the Romanian people suffered the hardships and privations that were a normal part of life in the communist countries of eastern Europe. But by 1989, things had started to change. In that amazing year, the people of those nations toppled Soviet rule.

Both the president and the first lady were charged, and after being found guilty, both were given death sentences. They received the death penalty after being found guilty of murdering “over 60,000 civilians” during the Timi Timoara revolt, which was a sizable chunk of their country’s population. The couple had been offered each defense lawyers, but they had turned them down.

The officer claimed that the Ceausescus desired to die together. However, claims that the Ceausescus had killed more than 60,000 people have been refuted.In addition, it was claimed that the two most influential couples in Romania at the time had hidden more than $1 billion in foreign banks while destroying the country’s economic and cultural heritage.

The couple recorded the execution, but until the paratroopers who were supposed to carry it out arrived, they were unable to fully comprehend what was going to happen. “I have the right to do anything I choose!” proclaimed Nicolae Ceausescu.Elena, his wife, fought while scolding the soldiers. She screamed, “Don’t tie us up and don’t hurt our feelings…..S££ MOR£

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