A Look Into The Case Of A Baby Girl Born With A Tail (Photos)

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A baby girl was born with a tail in Mexico through cesarean. The baby girl’s “genuine tail,” which required surgical removal, is thought to be an exceptionally uncommon disease.

In a small, remote hospital in northeastern Mexico, the infant was born by C-section.

According to a case report entry in the Journal of Paediatric Surgery, the child was born to “two healthy parents” in their late twenties, and there was “no history of radiation exposure or illnesses during pregnancy.

The appendage was 5.7 centimeters long, cylindrical with a pointed tip, and its diameter ranged from 3 to 5 millimeters along its entire length.

To further investigate the lower back, the radiologist then requested an X-ray, however, the scan turned up no anomalies or underlying bone structures in the tail.

This indicates that the tail was a “real tail”—a benign structure made of connective tissue, muscle, and nerves—rather than a functionless tail like an appendix, which has lost its function in the body over time. The doctors performed several tests to look for various medical conditions, but none were found. Both the child’s brain and spine were found to be normal after an MRI examination.

After spinal problems were ruled out, the baby girl underwent another evaluation by the pediatrics and general surgery teams when she was two months old. By the time the experts were confident that there had been an acceptable weight gain and growth for age, the tail structure had expanded by 0.8 cm.

It was removed and reconstructed using Limberg plasty, which entails creating a diamond-shaped incision (cut) to remove the problematic skin and underlying tissue, even though there was no sign of skin lesions.

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