The Surprising Reason Why Planes Are Not Allowed To Fly Over Messi’s House (PHOTOS)

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Lionel Andrés Messi, popularly known as Leo Messi, is still one of the top football players in the world.

In this article, we’ll look at the justification for the restriction on airplane access to his multi-million dollar Argentine properties. The strictness of the rule is a tremendous shock to the typical person.

Such benefits are regularly accorded to those who stay in presidential homes or military installations. Additional variables that can prevent planes from flying over a location include environmental concerns and safety issues, particularly when seeking to protect public figures like presidents and heads of state.

A lot of people have expressed concern over the choice to give the Argentine star this benefit; some have argued that it is an excessive claim of entitlement.

In response to this inquiry, Javier Sanchez-Prieto, the CEO of the Spanish airline, was questioned in an interview about the rationale behind the football start’s special treatment.

The location of the football player’s residence, not the player himself, was what actually caused the issue, the president claimed in his response.

Messy’s residence is located in the Gava municipality, a few miles outside of Barcelona ( 25km). Furthermore, it might be found inside Parque Natural del Garraf, which is strictly protected by Spanish environmental law because of its critically endangered flora and fauna.

There is no doubt that any time a plane approaches this location, it must turn. I suppose Messy is just a lucky man who managed to get a home in a secure location and as a result, he gets free state protection…..S££ MOR£

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