Photos of African Pastors who Shock the World due to their Fake Miracles

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The Christian holy book warns that in the ‘end time’ there will be so many fake pastors, preachers and prophets. They will come in different forms with only one mission, to deceive the innocent people. If the Christians can do more of operating to what the bible says in conjunction with what is rational, then they won’t be swayed by just any wind of doctrine that blows by.

Many fake people claiming to be men of God will come well prepared to deceive, however, if Christians can just be rational a bit and think twice before leaping-in-faith, then perhaps certain issues will not rear-their-ugly heads.

Pastor is forcing Christians to drink detergents so that their sin could be washed away.

South African pastor wanted to fast for 40 days without even drinking water in forest. He managed 30 days only and die due to dehydration.

Pastor put heavy speaker on top of a woman and sat on it.

Pastor told his church members to eat snakes so that they would be healed from diseases.

Nigerian pastor impregnated 13 women in his church.

Christians are eating grass so that their problems can be solve by the living God.

Nigerian pastor bought new wheelchairs and scratches and brought it to church. He claimed in television that it belong to healed people.

South African pastor ‘raised’ dead man.

Tanzanian pastor don’t want to step on ground while preaching. He is being carried around for the rest of the sermon……S££ MOR£

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