Did Jesus ever Give Tithes: 10 Common Reasons Why Some Christians Don’t Give Tithes

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The subject of whether or not Christians should practice the practice of tithing has been a contentious one for a long time. The spiritual practice of offering 10 percent of one’s money or earnings to God is referred to as tithing. Our gratitude to God for the many blessings he has placed upon us is communicated via this act of worship.

Tithing, on the other hand, has been criticized as being contrary to the teachings of the Bible by a number of Christians. Aside from these individuals, there is another group that chooses not to practice tithing for a number of reasons.

The ten most common explanations for why people do not provide tithes are as follows:

1. I give to other organizations, and I know there are others who believe that the amount of money given to God should not be limited to ten percent of one’s income as certain “tithing advocates” preach. They regard acts of philanthropy that are not specifically directed toward a deity, such as providing financial support to orphanages or soup kitchens, to be a form of worship.

2. During His career on earth, Jesus never made it clear that tithing was not permitted. Despite the fact that Jesus never made it clear that tithing was not permitted during His ministry on earth, there are those who believe that because Christ, who serves as our model, never saw the need to give tithes, his followers are not compelled to do the same.

3. Members of this category feel that there is no need to tithe since God will always provide for other people to carry out His purposes. They believe this because they believe that God will always provide for other people to carry out God’s aims. Despite the fact that this is true, why are you going out of your way to prevent God’s blessing from coming your way? Is it not feasible for you to also play a role as one of the tools in God’s hands?

4. My payments are meaningless; some people do not tithe because they are unable to afford to give millions of naira to God, so they leave the tithing to the wealthy members of the church. This is not right; don’t you remember how Christ praised the widow in the Bible when she donated her widow’s mite to God? In that story, she was able to glorify God with her gift.

5. I don’t trust preachers; a common reason why people don’t tithe is that they don’t trust preachers. This is also one of the reasons why people don’t tithe. People have lost faith in donating to God’s work because of the way in which some self-proclaimed preachers take advantage of God’s resources. Many members of the congregation have been dissuaded from giving tithes as a result of the practice of certain pastors to amass riches by betting with the money given to them by the congregation.

Fear; there are some people who choose not to pay their tithes because they are petrified of the consequences that would result from using their modest wages to support themselves and their families. They are unsure of whether or not they will be able to take care of themselves after giving to God and whether or not they would be able to eat after doing so. Why not give God ten percent of whatever you earn right now and see how He meets all of your needs according to the riches that are found in Christ Jesus?

7. My partner and I disagree with the practice of tithing, which is another reason why some people choose not to tithe. They give up tithing because their partners do not have the same convictions regarding tithing, and they do not want to act in a way that is contrary to what their partner desires.

Selfishness; some individuals are simply too preoccupied with themselves to be able to offer to God. They are unconcerned about giving money to God’s causes. In the book of Malachi, chapter 3, verse 8, God speaks of these individuals as if they were burglars and thieves, asking, “Is it possible for a man to rob God?” On the other hand, you are the one who has stolen from me. On the other hand, you raise an objection by asking, “Where have we robbed thee?” By way of tithes and other forms of tributes.

9. A misunderstanding of the Bible; based on a misunderstanding of what Jesus said in Matthew 23:23, some people have the misconception that he came to do away with the works of the law, which includes tithing.

10. A lack of trust is yet another reason why some individuals do not practice the practice of tithing. They do not have faith in God or trust that he will provide for their needs, and some of them even complain that they are still in need despite the fact that they have given money to God…..See More

What are your thoughts on the aforementioned common justifications for not giving tithes, use the comment section

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