Remember The Senegal Player That Was Called Ugly? See The Beautiful Wife He Married

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Several spectators during this year’s African Cup of Nations have referred to the Senegalese football player Krepin Diatta as ugly. Recently, a Senegalese artist revealed that Serge Beynaud, an Ivory Coast musician, was once known as “La Beaute,” a dancer for DJ Arafat.

Fans in Senegal, where he was raised, were horrified by this assertion. Even though it would harm him, they were not hesitant to tell him the truth.

Even if Krepin Diatta hadn’t ignored the teasing, no one had anticipated that he would find love so swiftly. According to reports from a Senegalese newspaper, Krepin Diatta wed a man he met through wiw sport in a beautiful wedding.

Nevertheless, he had a lot of backing. As an illustration, think about the late DJ Arafat, who defied convention by expressing his solidarity with Senegalese people all across the world.

On March 13, 2021, in Mbour, Senegal, in the strictest of secrecy, Krepin Diatta and Aissata Mairame Aw were wed.

Diatta is a footballer in the Ligue 1 squad for AS Monaco right now. Many people ponder whether Diatta’s new bride is indeed in love with him or whether she only wed him for his income…..See More

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