In Photos: Between Kiddwaya’s Mom And Ozo’s Mom Who Has The Best Fashion Sense?

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In this article we will be describing the fashion sense of Kiddwaya’s mom and that of Ozo’s we all love to see Kiddwaya and Ozo on our scree but have we wondered how their mothers looks like well you have no need to worry because we have their pictures fully packed for you.

Now let’s get to the point, in this article we will be sharing some pictures and we will need you to tell us who is more fashionable between Kiddwaya’s mom and Ozo’s mom, let us take a look at both mothers.

Ozo’s mum

Her full name is Dr Ngozi Eucharia Chukwu, she is a professor and also a beautiful woman mere looking at her you will know she has a great sense of fashion she has a degree in English and literature where she got her masters from the University of Nigeria in 1995.

Kiddwaya’s mum

She is pretty woman known as Mrs Susan Waya, she also the wife of the Nigerian multi-billionnaire Terry Waya, she is an entrepreneur, business analyst and consultant.

Now that you have seen their pictures, hwo do you think has the best fashion sense…..S££ MOR£

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