See The Nigerian Man Who Was At The Bottom Of The Sea For 3 Days But Still Survived

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We serve a living God who is able to do all things In way we can’t even comprehend, a Nigerian man who goes by the name Harrison Odjegba Okene who in May 29th 2013 survived three days at the bottom of the sea after their tugboat sunk.

According to the interview he has with The Guardian, he narrated when he was submerged with others in the boat he said he was crying on Jesus to save him, he was rescued by divers when they saw his hand stretching towards them in the dark.

He works as a cook in the boat which sank in the sea at a depth of 98feet according to reports eleven crew members died except for Harrison Okene who was fighting for his life in darkness.

He was discovered by South African divers after three days when they went to recover the dead bodies from the reck. Scientists explained that air pocket kept him alive but he believed it was God who kept him alive at the bottom of the sea for three days…..S££ MOR£

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