See The Chicken A Lady Ordered Online Versus What She Got (Photos)

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See the chicken this lady ordered online versus what she got, we have seen what people ordered online versus what they got and the reports we have seen so far hasn’t been encouraging, in this article we will be sharing the picture of a chicken a lady ordered via Instagram versus what was delivered.

Online marketing is good, we know it is stress free and it reduces the cost of transportation but the challenges people face when they order things online still remain one of the problems of online shopping, we have the case of a lady who is identified as Uforo Essien.

She took to her social media page via Twitter who revealed what happened when her sister ordered for a smoked fulk chicken for the sum of N5,800 but was disappointed at what was delivered.

It was quite unfortunate that what she got was really disappointing, she also shared the chats between her cousin and the vendor we were surprised that the vendor even judged her action, what do you think about this……S££ MOR£

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