“I Left My Young Child In Saudi Arabia With A Mark”

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Tuko news aired the story of lady, who talked about how she left her son in Saudi Arabia, why she did it and how she want Kenyans to help her. Her name is Faith Wambui who was born and raised in Nairobi county. She said that she was raised in a Christian family but morally she was not upright because of the circle of friends she had. She was very arrogant and she decided to leave Kenya and go to Saudi Arabia in 2014, to seek greener pastures.

She went there with the help of her sister and all she wanted was to start a fresh life. Life in Saudi Arabia was very tough for her, since she had never been a house help in her entire life. Her employer was very tough on her, but she was determined to work and change her life. In the house she met the brother of her employer and they ended up in a relationship. Out of the relationship she got pregnant without her knowledge and that got her by suprise.

She ren away from that house and started living with Kenyans who had already established themselves there. After giving birth she used a razor blade to mark his back, so that she will always know him even if they were to be separated. When the child was one year she started planning to come back home since life was completely though on her. She got pregnant again because she had turned to prostitution.

When the first child was two years old she decided to come back to Kenya and her son was left behind in her friend’s house. After landing to Kenya, she just got bitter and she is currently a very different person. Her friend sent her the son’s photo last year, but from that time to date she has not communicated with her. She said there are so many children in Saudi Arabia and the government should find a way to bring the children home…..S££ MOR£

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