Second-Hand Phone And Laptop Landed Me In Prison

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Some hours ago Itugi tv aired the story of a woman who was jailed for life after selling second hand items. Her name is Ann Wairimu who was born and raised Muranga county in a family eight children. After getting married, she moved to Dandora and her journey of going to jail started when she started a business of selling vegetables. The business was successful and she extended it and she started selling second hand items.

Second hand business was very successful and she would receive so many second hand phones from customers. When she started getting arrested with the phones, that was when she realized that most of the phones were stolen. On that fateful day, she bought a second hand laptop, three phones and a carpet which were stolen. The laptop and the phone were tracked and that was how she got arrested.

The owner of the laptop and phone was killed in cold blood and she was the one found with his items. She was taken to court the next day where she was charged with murder. She denied the charges and she was taken to rumand for almost one year. After going to court for a long time, she was found guilty and condemned spend the rest of her life in jail. The magistrate said that she had a relationship with those who sold the items to her.

She wrote an appeal and in January 2023 it was accepted. In March she was released by the court and she couldn’t believe that she was released. She stayed in jail for close to ten years and she felt very happy. She was released and she went back home to meet her family which was eagerly waiting for her.

She therefore warned people from getting in contact with second hand items, because they might end up in jail. Watch the full video below and share your views with us…..S££ MOR£

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