“I Was Sentenced To Die In Prison After I Rejected My Ex-wife – Man On How He Ended Up In Jail

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If you are a fan of Inooro tv you must have come across “Njeraini citu” show, hosted by Simon Kibe. In the show Simon Kibe visits prison to interview prisoner, who usually give their experience in prison and how they ended up there. The main objective of the show is to enlighten the society about the effects of crime and how to represent themselves in the court of law.

Some hours ago he interviewed a Kenyan man who is currently jailed in Kingongo maximum prison. His name is Peterson Githinji and he was sentenced to death and extra ten years Incase he dies and comes back to life. He was arrested in Karatina and he knows very well that he didn’t commit the crime he was charged with. He said he was a bodaboda rider in Nairobi and his journey to jail started in 2020 April. He moved back to Karatina because of COVID-19 since life was so hard in Nairobi.

That was where he met a lady he was in a relationship with some years back and they had a child together. He was the one who called her, and they had a very good conversation. He carried her with his motorbike and she became her customer. One day he entered her house to greet her children and they became close again. The lady asked him to reconsider her, so that they could start their love affair again. He was against the idea because he already had a wife and children.

The lady was very bitter with his response and she vowed to make him suffer. The next day he went back to the house to talk with her about the matter and he found her seven years old daughter. The girl said the mother was not around and he decided to call her. She Ex-wife him to wait for her and instead of her coming, two men entered the house. One of them was the chief and a police officer. They said they were arresting him for raping three children which he didn’t know about.

He was taken to Karatina police station and he was asked to pay 300,000 to end the case. Later the case was changed he was taken to court and charged with touching a young girl inappropriately. He was released with a bond of 100,000. In 2023 the case ended and he was sentenced to die in prison and extra ten years Incase he comes back to life. Currently he is waiting for his appeal which will be listened very soon.

He also advised men to try all they can not to go back to their ex-lovers, since they might end up regretting later..…………..S££ MOR£

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