Please Someone Should Marry Me” Lady Cries Out Begging For Any Man To Marry Her

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A Tanzanian lady has give viral after she cried out to any man to marry her. The beautiful lady said that she’s worried why no man is approaching her for a relationship even after trying everything she could think of. She went ahead to ask for forgiveness from anyone she has wronged.

“Kama kuna kaka yeyote ambaye mimi nishawahimkosea ama kumtukana aliponitongoza basi anisamehe,” woman pleads as she begs for someone to marry her.

Loosely translated to “If there is any brother whom I have wronged or insulted when he seduced me, then forgive me.”

She said that she has even been seating at her gate hoping for any man to ask her out but nothing has worked out. Aje went ahead to warn other young ladies not to turn down men who come seducing them.

“Nimekaa tu kwetu mpaka kwenye gate nimeandika twauza barafu na ice cream ili kaka akija, nimtongoze mimi mwenyewe. Wanawake wenzangu mkiwa na age ndogo msikatae wanaume,” she added.

Photo Courtesy: A tweet posted by Tuko used as a source of evidence and facts…….S££ MOR£

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