Mom Checks Surveillance Camera While Her Two Kids Are At Home And Sees Police Arresting Them

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A mom who left her two kids at home for a short time didn’t know what would happen to them while she was gone. She was shocked to find out about this through the security camera in their home. Cindy Cordiva had left the house for the day, leaving her two kids at home.

Cordova was just going out for fun, but when she saw her daughter in handcuffs, it turned into a nightmare. Cordova’s home security camera caught the event, and she yelled through the speaker to get the attention of the police. But the police first took Cordova’s daughter into custody. When Cordova’s son tried to record what was going on, he was also taken into custody.

Cordiva was terrified by what she saw and said she couldn’t wait to get home to her children. On October 22nd, 2022, Cordova’s children, who were 14 and 19, were in their apartment while their mother went out to breakfast. After getting a call about domestic violence, sheriff’s officers showed up at the brother’s apartment complex while they were at home.

Cordova’s daughter said that she had just come home to find her brother cleaning the house on a normal day when the sheriff’s officers let themselves into their apartment through the front door, which had been left open. As soon as they walked in, the cops went up to Cordova’s daughter and put her hands behind her back. The young woman said she tried to tell them that her mother wasn’t home.

She also said, ‘I even showed them that she’s trying to talk to them from the camera, but they didn’t care.’ Cordova’s daughter was then put in handcuffs. When the cop saw that her brother was filming the whole thing, they took his phone away and pushed him against the apartment wall so they could also arrest him.

Cordiva was using her phone to watch a live stream of what was going on. She got a call from her daughter earlier saying that police were at their house. This made her look at their security camera. The girl’s shocked mother told the cops that her daughter had helped them and tried to explain that she and her brother hadn’t done anything wrong, but it didn’t make any difference.

Cordova’s daughter said that a few cops were in their house, and she asked them for their search order while trying to tell them that she and her brother were the only ones there when they came in. When Cordiva saw how badly the government treated her children, she was confused and worried. She was upset and said, ‘I didn’t know what was going on. I didn’t know if her son’s lungs were still working. Why should he be treated like a criminal?’

After the event, the family begged the sheriff’s office for months to tell them why the kids were treated so badly, but they never got an answer. Their case didn’t start getting attention until this year when they shared the videos on TikTok. The sheriff’s department says that they got a call from the Cordovas’ apartment building after someone heard yelling and maybe someone getting hit.

In a statement, the department said, ‘After several attempts to get the people in the house to leave so the deputies could check to see if anyone was hurt inside, the deputies went in and used force against a juvenile.’ Cordova’s daughter, on the other hand, says she and her brother had done nothing wrong, but the police still seemed to want to handcuff them and take them outside.

The kids were shocked by the way they were treated. Over 20 million people have watched their TikTok videos, and their lawyer is on the case. But the department says that their employees did what they should have done because the people who lived there at the time were not helpful.

The Cordovas have hired a lawyer to help them get over what happened and find out why two innocent children were treated so badly. Their lawyer, Naren Murin, said this about what happened: ‘This was ridiculous to me because these are kids in their own house. Parents aren’t there, so these cops decided to come in on their own.’ She also confirmed that the cops had made a fake arrest and used too much force on the kids when they held them illegally after breaking into their home.

The way the police dealt with the problem can be seen in the YouTube video that was shared about it. Cordiva says that her children are still scared of going outside six months after what happened. They also think that every policeman will treat them the same way as the ones who broke into their home. Now the family is planning to leave their home, and Cordiva is still looking for justice so that this doesn’t happen to another family again.

She thinks that people shouldn’t act like this. Even though the events of October 22nd, 2022, were traumatic for Cordova and her family, many people are standing with them in their fight for justice. Most of the people who left comments on the YouTube video were shocked by what they saw, which makes sense. One user said that Cordova’s daughter did the right thing when strangers broke into her house for no reason and that anyone who did that didn’t deserve respect from the locals.

Another person wanted to know what was going on with law enforcement since they always handle things in a harsh way. The user also said that there was no reason for grown men to be so mean to teenagers.

Deputies said that the door was open when they got to the house, and that’s how they got in. However, a user said that even if they were police officers, that didn’t give them the right to walk into the house. Another user called the situation heartbreaking and said that Cordova’s little girl was only trying to protect her family’s home when the cops came in.

The person didn’t understand how that could be right procedure. One user said they didn’t blame Cordiva for being angry at the department and upset about what they did to her children. There are right and wrong ways to handle things, and that wasn’t the right way.

The Cordovas are still scarred by what happened, and as they look for a new place to live where they won’t be reminded of bad things, they are still looking for justice for what happened………See More

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