See How Idi Amin’s Right Hand Man, Maliyamungu Died A Painful Death

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Maliyamungu was one of the officers tasked with ridding the Uganda Army of any anti-Amin and hardline Obote adherents that could still be present. As a result, even superior officers, he was given “full authority to execute anyone in the army.”

Maliyamungu worked with Col. Ali, Col. Musa, and Major Malera to put an end to the armed opposition to the new government. Then he murdered hundreds of people who held opposing political views. Later, he reveled in “single-handedly mastermind[ing]” the slaughter of those who were allegedly Amin’s enemies.

Following the overthrow of Idi Amin’s regime and Tanzania’s takeover of Kampala, Maliyamungu and his family relocated to Zaire. He moved with a good chunk of his fortune, intending to start a business. Maliyamungu later took part in the West Nile region’s pro-Amin insurrection during the Ugandan Bush War.

How and why did he pass away?

Together with other Amin followers, he gathered a military force and crossed the border from Zaire into the West Nile region. He then moved to Sudan, where he later passed away in February 1984 as a result of poisoning…..S££ MOR£

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