How Thousands of Disabled Ugandans Were Tricked Only To Be Loaded into Trucks And Dumped in R. Nile

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Idi Amin was a Ugandan president born circa 1925 in Kokobo, West Nile Province, Uganda. He rose within the military from the 1940s through 1970. Amin overthrew the current leader in 1971 and declared himself president, and he remained in power from 1971-1979.During his tenure, he lived a lavish lifestyle while contributing to the collapse of Uganda’s economy.

Once in power, Amin began mass executions upon the Acholi and Lango, Christian tribes that had been loyal to Obote and therefore perceived as a threat. He also began terrorizing the general public through the various internal security forces he organized, such as the State Research Bureau (SRB) and Public Safety Unity (PSU), whose main purpose was to eliminate those who opposed his regime.

In 1965, Idi Amin and Prime Minister Milton Obote were accused of attempting to smuggle gold and ivory into Uganda. The Ugandan parliament demanded an investigation, upon which Obote formed a new constitution, abolishing the position of the presidency (which had been largely ceremonial). Idi Amin then led an attack on the presidential palace and forced President Kabaka into exile.

How did Idi Amin deal with the disabled?

In 1975, Radio Uganda advised anyone who was lame, blind, handless, or felt otherwise impoverished and incapacitated to go to the closest police station. They will receive jobs, free lodging, and free food in Jinja as a result of the announcement, the government claims.

The following morning, tens of thousands of people with disabilities flocked to Kampala’s police stations. After being loaded, they were driven to Jinja by military trucks. They were thrown into the Nile River at Jinja like sand. Those who had hands and held on received shots in addition to falling into the river……..Séé Móré

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