13 Different Kinds of Tenants You Will Meet in A ‘Face Me, I Face’ House (Photos)

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Nigeria is a comical country, no matter the socal class you belong to, there must surely be one or two controversy rocking down the line. Most times, this controversies generates from the people living within, usually called neighors. These neigbors could people living in different flat in the same building or living in separate rooms, also known as “Face me I Face You”

Below we take a look at some of these controversies that comes when you live in such a place and the different kinds of people you’re likely to meet there.

1. The Gossipers (Ameobos)

These set of people will always know all the trending news and latest information on what is happening in the compound both the good, the bad and the ugly. They are usually seen as the Lai Mohammed of the compound. They are usually responsible for every quarrel that occurs in the yard as a result of their false rumors.

2. The Monitoring Spirit

Have you ever wondered how people managed to find out how you sneak women into your room at night? Being an idle housewife gives them the ability to monitor all your way-about, what you cooked, your visitors with the accurate time of their arrival and departure etc. Funny enough, when your slippers gets missing in the compound, they won’t see it, but try to sneak in any girl and see what will happen.

3. Prayer Warriors Neighbors

These types can attend 10 different churches services in a week and will never get tired, and once they return, they disturb everyone with their prayer sessios. They pray as if they are the only ones that have serious problem, especially during month end when their rent is about to expire, the prayer becomes louder. They will never allow you to have a serene night sleep, and if you manage to close your eyes small, their prayers will always wake you up early morning. The funnies part is that if you try and complain, you automatically become a prayer point in the night.

4. The Loving and Kind Types

This are the kind of people why the bible said “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.” They are kind hearted and very generous. Almost everybody borrow things from them, like matches, knife, kerosene, bucket etc. Anytime they travel, there presence will always be felt, and once they return, they will come and greet you with different gift they bought for you.

5. The Strict, Stingy and Stubborn Neighbor

Dealing with this types will frustrate you till you decide to pack out. They easily get upset when kids play outside and are always full of complains. Once there is a meeting or contribution, it is either they won’t come or they cause confusion in the meeting and leave and won’t contribute a dime. They hate sharing any of their belongings, even to the extent of instructing their children not to borrow anything to anyone. Anyday you mistakenly ask them for salt, they will tell you that their mum has counted it.

6. The Rich Neighbor

This ones will leave everyone wondering the reason why they can’t go and rent a flat because they are rich and even have exotic cars whereas the landlord don’t have ordinary bycicle. Their rooms are usually the phone charging source in the whole compound when there is no Nepa light. Their generator set will be ON overnight and sometimes you will praying for the fuel finish or the Gen to knock engine because the excessive noise.

7. The Metusela Tenants

These ones knows all the history and mysteries behind the house and have all records of both present and past tenants, they are always be seen with small pocket radio or with China phone connected with pole and copper wire, especially around 7am in the morning. They are always trying to tell you what is going on the country either good or bad even when you don’t ask them. They are respected by everyone even the landlord.

8. The Ghost Neigbors

You will only get the chance to see this types twice, when packing in and when packing out. They are never around from year to year, you will only be left wondering they paid just to keep their properties there.

9. The Late Night Comers

These set of annoying tenants with the habbit of going for night parties, friday nights, clubs, then come back very late in the night by 1am or 2am and start calling you on phone to help them open the passage door.

10. The Borrowers

Some tenants borrow to the extent that you will start lying to them that you don’t have. If borrowing your room was possible, they will ask for it. If you borrow them money, just forget about it.

11. The Noisy and The Late Night Cook

These set of tenants always come back late and will be cooking or playing loud music when others are sleeping, disturbing others with noise and generates heat in the whole building.

12. The Drunkard

These ones normally were working before unfortunately losing their jobs for the reason or the other. No more work or money, now they drink to stay happy and are owing the landlord 6months rent.

13. The Troublesome Landlord Children

One the landlord is living in the same compound, it automatically becomes a problem, especially the daughters of the landlord who see themselves as goddess because its their father build house, so the tenants are nobody to them. They insult anybody regardless of your staus as long as you rented apartment built by her father. And if you are a bachelor, they will frown at you when you have female visitors. Even their mother is not left out, she will hate you too for leaving her daughters and bringing in other females from outside.

14. You can add yours

Most people who have had this experience will relate. But in case we missed an key point, you can add it throught the comment session.….S££ MOR£

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