If You See This In A Public Bathroom Or Hotel Run Immediately

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Not to terrify you, but we all use public facilities or stay in hotel rooms. But do you know who is monitoring you as you go about your business?

Technology is advancing at breakneck pace, with new goods and gadgets meant to make our lives simpler. However, there is a dark side to technology that you may not notice until it’s too late. Criminal conduct is used by some people to attack others, and it may be as simple as installing a hook.

These hooks may appear to be standard hooks, however they are designed for a considerably darker lens.

Take note of the two hooks, which are unusual for pads.

Do you get an odd feeling about something?

They may be simply affixed on any wall in the house, as well as public restrooms, and you would probably not notice.

So, what’s the harm in a simple-looking hook?

Because there’s a little camera hidden within this wall hook that captures individuals in bathrooms, hotel rooms, and locker rooms.

Without their knowledge, women were secretly videotaped while bathing or changing.

Their privacy has been invaded, and they are utterly unaware of it.


Doesn’t that make you wonder whether you were covertly being watched in all the hotel rooms you’ve slept in?

Surprisingly, these nefarious cameras are simple to locate and much simpler to set up.

The camera comes with a charger and a transfer cord, as well as a hook that looks like it belongs at a hardware shop.

Through the little hole at the top, the camera captures video and audio.

Frequently, the camera’s photographs wind up on the Internet, where they may be seen by the entire world without the awareness of the person who took them.

This hole suggests a problem with the hook and the possibility of illegal activities.

However, there are worse things that can happen.

Do you want to know what’s even frightening about the situation?

These wireless cameras may be stored remotely, and the wireless remote can be used to operate them even through walls.

As a result, the pictures could be viewed from as close as the next room.

That’s enough to make you never want to stay in a hotel ever again.

One thing you might notice is that it’s in a room where it doesn’t belong.

Trust your intuition if you see a hook in an unexpected area.

When the camera starts filming, it is possible to view the light.

This is a signal that you should emerge from your hiding location and contact the authorities right away.

The fact that these spy camera hooks are readily available, affordable, and easy to obtain is what makes this scenario so frightening.

Although they were designed to improve security around your house, they may aid in the hunt for unwary victims if they fall into the wrong hands.

Knowledge is, thankfully, power.

You may protect yourself from unwelcome snoops if you are aware that hangers may have cameras and are extra cautious when traveling or visiting a public restroom to undress.

Unfortunately, it appears to be getting more widespread by the day, but if we raise awareness about it, we can help put a stop to it.

No one should be able to invade your personal space……S££ MOR£

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