The Amount Of Fuel Planes Consume Per Second, See The Total For A Complete Journey

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Did you know that an airplane requires approximately four liters of gasoline every second? It’s a lesser-known truth about the aviation industry that is rarely discussed. While most of us may not have experienced our first airplane ride yet, it’s inevitable that we will one day. So, let me share some intriguing information with you and ask for your trust, if only for a moment.

Upon hearing these numbers, many people react negatively, but we must acknowledge that they are simple facts. For instance, a Boeing 747 consumes about four liters of gasoline per second during flight. That amounts to roughly 240 liters per minute or a staggering 14,400 liters per hour. Moreover, this aircraft has a relatively high fuel consumption rate of approximately 12 liters per kilometer.

To give you a sense of the fuel requirements for a long-haul flight, let’s consider the distance between South Africa and New York City, which spans over 12,696 kilometers. To cover this journey, a boeing 747 would need around 148,000 liters of fuel. It’s worth noting that this aircraft has a passenger capacity of about 568 individuals, according to these statistics. It goes without saying that any competent pilot will ensure that their plane is fully fueled before taking off. Additionally, the pilot must check the fuel level before departure to ensure an adequate supply for the flight ahead..…S££ MOR£

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