5 Things Women Do In A Relationship When They Are Seeing Another Man

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1. Keeping Secrets.

She might start hiding things from her partner, like where she’s going or who she’s talking to. This secrecy can make her partner feel left out and suspicious.

2. Not So Close Anymore.

If she becomes emotionally distant, it could mean her feelings are elsewhere. She might not want to cuddle, talk about important stuff, or plan things together like before.

3. Changing Plans.

Suddenly canceling dates or having unexplained absences might be a sign. She might say she’s busy or have new interests that don’t include her partner.

4. Getting Easily Annoyed.

She might start picking fights over small things or being grumpy all the time. This could be because she feels guilty or wants to create distance.

5. Avoiding Future Talks.

If she avoids talking about the future together, it might mean she’s unsure about the relationship. She might not want to make long-term plans or commitments because her focus is on someone else….S££ MOR£

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