My Wife Is Baren, This Is 7th Year Of Marriage Yet Not Even A Single Miscarriage. Am Tired, I Met This Woman In Church, I Thought I Married A Perfect Woman, Am 43 Already When Will I Start Making My Own Babies

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My wife is baren, this is 7th year of marriage yet not even a single miscarriage. Am tired

I met this woman in church, i thought i married a perfect woman. Am 43 already when will i start making my own babies! is it when am old & unable to take care of them !

My mom had tried to advise me on our second anniversary, when she discovered that my wife was barren but i wouldn’t accept her idea of another wife because i was trying to give my wife the benefit of the doubt & because am also an elder in my church but then its been a whole 5 years still nothing. I can’t keep waiting.
I’m 100% sure, this problem isn’t from me, back in my high school & university days up to 4 girls got pregnant for me just that i wasn’t ready then and i had to tell them to do away with it. From my past experiences, It’s very much obvious that am very much fertile

My mom & some very close friends suggest that i secretly marry another wife, get her pregnant & rent a house some where in town so i can always go meet with her there, far from my home, but am worried , my wife might eventually find out , she’s a good woman and i love her very much, she helped me in my business and i became this successful reason why i so really don’t know how i can go about this to tell her that i want to marry another lady who can give me children considering that she has HBP, i Love her so much and I don’t want to hurt her,

Pls how do i do this, how do i go about it i need some advice here…..Discover Moré

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