3 Forbidden Foods In The Bible That Christians Still Eat

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The Old Testament contrasts what is described as clean, pure, and holy with what is described as unclean (Hebrew tame). A person could not enter the temple to worship if they were unclean. The focus was on God’s idea of purity rather than filth.

Adam and Eve were promised nourishment by God, who declared, “I will give you every seed-bearing plant on the earth, and every fruit-producing seed” (Genesis 1:29). God never intended for humanity to eat their own or other animals’ flesh, as is evident from His earliest directives. Right from the start, God gave Adam and Eve a variety of eatable plants, grains, and nuts.

Animal dross

Eating the fat of sheep and cattle is prohibited, according to Leviticus 7:23. It is a good idea to adhere to this portion of the Old Testament purity law even though it is frequently disregarded. Animal fat is dreadfully bad for you. Animal fat contains a lot of saturated fats despite having a wonderful flavor.

Leviticus 11:20–21 – Insects

You shall consider all flying insects and crawling animals to be abominations. 21 However, you can eat the flying insects with jointed legs above their feet that crawl on all fours and can leap to the ground.

Those aquatic animals without scales and fins You must consider all aquatic animals without fins and scales as unclean, and you must not eat their meat, according to Leviticus 11:9–12…………S££ MOR£

S££ What You Should Do When A Lion Is Trying To Eat You Alíve

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