A Zimbabwean Man Who Sleeps On Top Of A Grave Confessed To Seeing This When He Is Asleep

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There are a lot of unfortunate things that can happen to any individual that can find them in situations that they never thought they would be in like being homeless. A lot of homeless people have a painful and sad story behind it. they did not just wake up and found themselves in the streets thee is usually a tragedy behind.

A certain homeless man from Zimbabwe named Linda Sokhela aged 30 has been homeless for a more than five years after his parents died in a car accident. He tried to stay with relatives but they ill treated him toll he decided to start living in the streets. For a while he was sleeping wherever he could find but he never found the places to be comfortable. he therefore decide to try sleeping on top of a grave in the graveyard. For the first time in a while Linda claimed to have slept like a baby.

However he revealed mote about what he encounters when he sleeps on the grave. To many people a graveyard is a sacred place as it is where the dead lay there peacefully. Most traditions feel like the dead should not be disturbed or interrupted as they might get angry. Linda being aware of this he is said to ask for permission from the owner of the grave before he sleeps on to of it.

However when he goes to sleep each night he claims to have a dream having lunch with a man that he doesn’t see clearly. He believes that the man that he see in his dreams might be the real owner of the grave. The one who was buried there, he believes that he comes not to scare him but rather act like his guardian angel since its always a beautiful dream.

Some traditional healers however feel that what he is doing is inappropriate and it may eventually turn against him and cause him harm…..S££ MOR£

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