Meet Prophetess Mary Akatsa, A No-nonsense Preacher Who ‘Punishes’ Late Comers(PHOTOS)

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Akatsa of the Jeresulsam Church whose main branch is in Nairobi’s Kawangware is not the normal or ordinary preacher to you.Mary Akatsa was born in Bunyore, Emuhaya district, in Western Kenya’s Vihiga county.

Her mother was a licenced physician practicing in the United Kingdom, while her father held a prominent position in the colonial government as a high chief.

That being said, her mother died giving birth to Akatsa.

Akasta’s church is led by strict rules and virtue’s that those who nlfail to adhere to them are chased away from the church or punished.

The prophetess commonly known as ‘Mummy’ by the worshippers is strict when it comes to Bible teachings and God’s ways.

She does not entertain nonsense from worshippers and those who fail to observe the rules are given harsh punishments including being ex-communicated from the church.

The church that boast’s of over 500,000 worshippers has branches in Nairobi and other parts of the country.

In the church of a prophetess who previously denied “bringing Jesus to Kawangware in 1988”, punishment saves worshippers from ‘sin’.

‘Sinners’ at Jerusalem Church of Christ in Kawangware are slapped, whipped, reprimanded or even made to carry their spouses on their backs.

Prophetess Mary Akatsa has told The Nairobian that as God’s messenger in Kawangware, she has to punish wayward worshippers.

A number of local faithful travel from Mombasa to attend her church service. Some cannot change churches despite the rules. One latecomer explained that, “This is the best church l have ever come across and where most of us belong.”

Mary Akatsa’s guest was a Maitreya, a world teacher, who live mostly among Asian communities. The Maitreya in Kawangware was given a lift by one Gurnam Singh, who got the shock of his life when ‘Jesus Christ’ ended the journey at a bus stage… and vanished into the crowd!

Men in particular who commit adultery are frequently punished by having to carry their partner in front of the prophetess and large crowds of followers.Convention dictates that the goal of a cheating spouse hauling their partner around in public is to expose them as a sinner…..S££ MOR£

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