Meet The Pastor Who Is Married To Two Wives Same Day And They Live Together As A Family (Photos)

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Many people think that a Religious person has no right to marry more than one woman, although most Christian churches do not encourage one man to marry upwards of one wife, but we still saw some Christian men married to two. It’s not unusual to see a Christian married to two women, but it is uncommon to see a minister with even more than one woman.


One of the shepherds married with a little more than one wife is a Botswana pastor named Kemmonye.

One of the pastors who allowed to marry two wives is Kemmonye Sakati from Botswana. Kemmonye is special because he is not afraid to reveal his wives and loves them so much.

Most people assume Kemmonye’s actions are incorrect, but he’s pleased with his decision and any time he gets the chance, he still post photographs of his family online. From the photographs of Kemmonye and his wives it is clear he loves his wives and his family.

See more pictures of Kemmonye and her lovely wives.

His two women named Kagiso and Mpho seem to be very lovely ladies and they love their husband.….S££ MOR£

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