Reasons Why Soldiers Are Not Allowed To Be Treated In A Civilian Hospital When They Are Sick

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Soldiers usually go to military hospitals instead of civilian ones when they are sick. Here are some simple reasons why:

1. Security.

Soldiers often know important and secret information. Treating them in military hospitals helps keep this information safe. If they go to civilian hospitals, there’s a risk that this secret information might get out.

2. Special Care.

Military hospitals are specially prepared to handle the kinds of injuries and illnesses soldiers get. They know how to treat wounds from battle and mental health issues like PTSD. Civilian hospitals might not have the same experience or equipment.

3. Consistency.

Military hospitals keep detailed health records for each soldier. This means doctors know all about their past treatments and can provide better care. If soldiers went to different civilian hospitals, their health records could be scattered and incomplete.

4. Quick Return to Duty.

Military hospitals aim to get soldiers back to their duties as soon as possible. They are part of the system that ensures soldiers are always ready for action. Civilian hospitals might not work as quickly or be as focused on this goal.

5. Efficiency.

Treating soldiers in military hospitals makes administrative work easier. Things like medical records and insurance are managed within the military system, avoiding extra paperwork and delays that can happen in civilian hospitals. This also helps civilian hospitals, which might already be very busy, by reducing their patient load…..Sée Móre

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