Do You Know That No Igbo Name Starts From V? 10 Things You Never Knew About The Igbo People Below

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The Igbo people are a unique and blessed people living in our beloved country Nigeria and they happen to be one of the largest ethnic groups in Africa. With about a population of 40 million people, it is practically rare to visit any state, city or town in Nigeria or Africa and not see someone of Igbo Origin

There has been much speculation about the origins of the Igbo people, and it is unknown how exactly the group came to form. Some have suggested that the Igbo people came from Israel but this claim remains unfounded.

There are few things you don’t know about the Igbo people and in this article I’d love to educate you on them.

1. No Igbo name starts from V.

Yes you heard that right, you might have heard numerous Igbo names but I’m very certain that the word V isn’t in the Igbo naming dictionary. Else you want a name that has no meaning or sounds confusing;

2. The Igbo people have been around since about 2500BC.

Pottery dated at around 2500 BC showed similarities with later Igbo work found at Nsukka in the 1970s, as well as pottery and tools at nearby Ibagwa. Without doubt, the Igbo people have been in existence for a long while.

3. The Igbo people don’t joke with yams.

The Igbo people’s most important crop is the yam, and it is the reason for the New Yam Festival and although most Ndi Igbo now live in cities and undertake other white collar jobs, yam is still a rich crop in the villages and rural areas. Second to cassava.

4. The Igbo people don’t eat human meat.

Call them greedy, call them money lovers and all that. Don’t just call them cannibals. Although there is a possibility that this might have happened during the civil war as a result of hunger and starvation, there happens to be no substantial proof to back the claim of Igbo people eating human flesh.

5. The Igbo people do not prefer business to education.

Although you might think otherwise, an Igbo man always wants what’s best for his children. more so, he wants his children to achieve what he couldn’t achieve and therefore sends that child to school.

Despite the fact that they know how to read and write and do mathematics (calculating daily earnings and expenses) the Igbo people who are not well educated always strive to learn new things. Currently most of the educated people in Nigeria are Igbo people.

6. Stop calling them the Igbos.

Those from Spain are not called Spains or those from France, Frances. So saying the Igbos is wrong. Simply say “Ndi Igbo” or “the Igbo” or “the Igbo people” simple.

7. Not every Igbo person has an Igbo Accent.

Yes, this is true. Each tribe has a unique accent, rather than try to change it, everybody should own their accents and be proud of it. But note that some Igbo folks can talk and you’d find it hard to place the accent.

8. The Igbo love money, True.

This is like the most common thing all Igbo people hear. I’d like to ask, who doesn’t like money? Be truthful. But some will say that the Igbo people love money more than other tribes and they always look for a way to exploit situations. What you call greed, the Igbo people refer to as hard work.

9. The Igbo people are not stingy.

Again, I don’t know why stinginess is being classified by tribe. Stinginess is a human nature, not Igbo nature. And if you think Igbo people are stingy, then you definitely haven’t been to an Igbo wedding or an Igbo occasion. They spend lavishly.

10. Igbos respect the laws of any land they’re in.

Be it in Europe, Spain or Germany. The Igbo people don’t default laws and always look for a way to serve and help the community grow while enriching their pockets.

They also have meetings and all that to place and checkmate laws anywhere they’re located.

These people are loveable, peaceful and kind. Please treat them as your brothers and sisters. We are one Nigeria….S££ MOR£

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