Why God Did Not Prevent Eve And Adam From Eating Forbidden Fruit

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Most of us are familiar with the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, which explains the origins of mankind. In reality, this is one of the few religious passages in which both Muslims and Christians agree on the origins of mankind. The narrative of Adam and Eve can be found in Genesis 1:3.

The man was formed first and given the name Adam, while the woman was made afterward and given the name Eve. Adam was given the task of naming all of the animals and was rendered subservient to him because God had given him sovereignty over all creatures on earth.

The tale of creation is based around the notion of love, and God is depicted as loving and he desired to expand his reign on earth by giving man ultimate authority over all of the planets.

Many people are asking themselves why God failed to prevent the two from eating the forbidden fruit if he is loving, and then chased them out of the Garden of Eden to suffer?

God is an all-knowing God, and even before the two were born, he knew they would fall, and he put a plan in place to save mankind. God does not force anyone to love and respect him that is why Eve and Adam chose to go against him.

God had granted man dominion over all living things on the planet, including the serpent. God couldn’t intervene and had no choice but to let man exercise his power and dominance. Eve had the power and control over the serpent when he approached her, yet she permitted the serpent to lie to her.

Another thing God had to do when it came to removing them quickly was to prevent Eve from becoming a demon just like Adam’s first wife. They would have eaten the fruit of life after eating the fruit of knowledge and live eternally in the body of the devil forever. God would have been powerless to intervene.

As a result, God banished man from the Garden and sent an Angel to prohibit him from returning to the Garden to eat from the Tree of Life.

Even though God expelled man from Eden, he had a plan to redeem mankind, which is why he sent his son Jesus back to earth, demonstrating that God loves man above all else…..See More,,

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