Daughters Were Left Stunned When They Opened Their Mom’s Casket And Find This Inside

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Both sisters were inconsolable during an interview with local media because they were still processing the death of their cherished mother. But when they opened their mother’s casket, they discovered a stranger dressed as their mother inside, adding insult to injury. For their mother’s viewing, the two sisters, Jennetta and Jennifer, arrived at the funeral home. However, they were unable to even identify their mother when they opened her coffin.

According to the New York Post, both of the sisters could tell that the woman, who they had never met before, was wearing their mother’s clothes. They could see, however, that the body was not that of their mother Mary. Even stranger was the attempt made by the funeral home staff to persuade them that the person who lay dead in the casket was in fact their mother. Jennifer said, “We just couldn’t figure out how this could happen. The sisters were horrified as they looked into the casket because even the clothes appeared to be much too big for the woman’s body.

There’s nothing about the person that’s similar,” said Jennetta. They were far too small. She was so small in comparison to my mother that the first person wearing the clothes was swimming in them.

Without wasting any time, Jennetta and Jennifer told the funeral home staff that the body in the casket was not that of their mother. The staff initially denied making any errors, but when they later visited the embalming room of the funeral home, they discovered Mary’s body was still there. Jennifer continued, “For this to go down like that, it’s just embarrassing. Finally, the staff switched the two bodies, and just before the service started, the right corpse was put inside the casket…..S££ MOR£

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