The Most Expensive Grave In The World Is In Africa, See Who Is Burried There

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Where do we go after we pass away? Will our spirit live on in another energy form? Or is it going to perish with our body?In either case, some people are prepared to contribute more than they ought to in order to construct these pricey tombs for the dead people’s remains.

The way that we handle the dead is one of the most significant distinctions between humans and other animals. Whether we consider death to be the conclusion of one journey or the beginning of another, the high regard that civilized society accords the deceased is a reflection of the respect we have for life and one another.You can save money by using a natural burial site (or even your backyard) or by choosing an affordable eco-coffin, like a cardboard coffin for £99.

What is the world’s priciest cemetery?

Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, which is thought to have cost $5 billion, is the most expensive tomb in the world. King Khufu is buried beneath six and a half million tons of stones, costing more than all the others combined. Egyptian pharaoh Khufu’s tomb, according to Egyptologists, who believe the pyramid was built during a 20-year period………….S££ MOR£

S££ When Scientists Predict The End Of The World

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