Why Lion’s Don’t Eat Hyenas Even After Killing Them

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According to popular culture, lions and hyenas are two vicious rivals engaged in a never-ending conflict over dominance of the African environment.The two apex predators, lions and hyenas, cohabit the same environment, engage in direct competition for the same prey, and occasionally even scavenge the same carcasses in the wild.

Field studies show that lions steal more spotted hyena kills than do spotted hyenas. Nonetheless, there is no disputing that the two species of animals are actually hostile against one another; they frequently engage in conflict over resources like food and territory.

In reality, hyena meat isn’t very nourishing, so even if the animal was starving during the height of the dry season, a lion wouldn’t gain much by consuming it. Hyena flesh is not likely to hold the promise of providing nutrition, so even if a lion did manage to kill one, it would not gain anything from the experience.

Even if they do not prioritize killing lions, hyena packs can be dangerous to unprotected cubs and lone lions. Hyenas only fight when the circumstances are favorable to them.

Young hyenas are frequently killed by male lions. Adult hyenas are frequently attacked by lions to show off their strength. Indeed, 60% of hyena deaths result from lion attacks.

Why don’t the dead hyenas that lions kill be eaten?

Studies show that hyenas store some of their prey’s meat in water graves for later eating.Hence, as suggested by biologists, the hyenas’ extended foraging renders their meal inedible.

Lions frequently do not eat the animal’s meat even after they have killed it because of this.

The majority of documentaries also assert that lions kill hyenas largely to lessen competition for prey. Because they view them as a threat to their territory and way of life, lions kill hyenas and other apex predators……S££ MOR£

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