The Day When Former President Of Kenya Was Broke & Nearly Kicked Out Of House Over 3 Years Rent

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The late Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, the country’s first president, rose from poverty to prominence after facing hardships before becoming the nation’s leader and becoming wealthy and powerful.

The first president of Kenya did not lead a prosperous life, despite what most people would assume.

Kenyatta had a difficult time with British Intelligence when he lived at 95 Cambridge Street in London, according to one of the uncommon stories that few people are aware of.

The tradition says that while in Europe, a penniless Kenyatta sold stamps and even played a small role in the film Sanders of the River.According to the story, Kenyatta could not pay the rent while living in London.

Kenyatta is said to have been unable to pay his rent for about three years at this time, and his landlord Sidney Hosken denounced him to the Colonial Office.

He was described as tragic by a missionary in England named Handley Hooper. He got off to a good start, but if his recent actions were made public, the British government and the association would no longer respect him. I suggest the organization (KCA) to fire him and stop wasting their time……S££ MOR£

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