But Why Does Ronaldo Stand Sideways During Portugal’s National Anthem?

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In the usual tradition before every international game kicks off, both squads stand together as the national anthems are played.

Although when Portugal plays, many have noticed that Ronaldo is standing sideways in the line-up of players.

As the team put their arms around each other, the captain turns to the side and stands at an angle to sing.

He does this so he can face the Portugal flag in the stadium as a patriotic gesture during the anthem.

Ronaldo has made this a tradition of his over the years as he shows respect to his country ahead of games.


Fans will get used to seeing Ronaldo's anthem gesture during Euro 2024
Fans will get used to seeing Ronaldo’s anthem gesture during Euro 2024

Despite being in the twilight of his career, Ronaldo comes into the tournament after a record-breaking 35-goals in Saudi Arabia.

While Euro 2024 may be the last time we see his signature pose on the international stage, Portugal boss Roberto Martinez has been keen to highlight why the veteran remains so important.

He said: “As for Cristiano Ronaldo, I think it’s better to talk about statistics.

“A player who scores 42 goals in 41 games for his club shows continuity, a physical ability to always be fit and quality in front of goal that we really like and need.


Ronaldo singing the Portuguese national anthem
Ronaldo singing the Portuguese national anthem

“We don’t make choices based on where the players play. We want to create the best team and call the 26 players who make up the best team.

“We monitor the players’ individual performance and role that they have in the locker room. There are players who have secondary roles in important locker rooms and others who have important roles in less strong locker rooms…………See More

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