Chained to Death? The Mystery of A woman

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A world wonder in Peru. This figure, a human body bound in ropes and seemingly in a foetal position, was found in what is supposed to be a tomb. Just by looking at the picture, too many questions come to the mind of any reader. Why in chains? Why that position? Could it be that the human was tortured to death? Was it merely a custom or how the people buried their own?

All these and many other questions go unanswered as the archeologists continue to explore possibilities to this issue. The human is a woman. She is approximately 800-1200 years now. According to many, this lady was going through so much pain by the fact that she had all those ropes binding her. Some say this cannot be true because chances of a rope surviving this long is a mystery. What are your thoughts about this? Do you think she died in pain or was it a mere burial custom?

In the old days, it wasn’t uncommon to find such things happening. Those of tge opinion that she was only buried their way coukd be right. At the same time, they could be wrong. It could also follow the fact that enslavement was a possibility in those days and that sge coukd have undergone trauma and torture during her last days.

Besude her was foubd some ceramics and apparently some vegetable remains as well. Thus is really worth a thought. Could it mean she was living in this tomb alone? This is partly for the reason that she was all alone in the tomb or house as some purport. If it was physical hurting, then she must have died a very painful death. Archeologists are doing a great job trying to find out things about our human past and soon we’ll have answers to all our questions. Follow me for more.….S££ MOR£

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