See The Lady Who Built Her House With No Man’s Help (Photos)

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What a man can do a woman can also be better at it, a South African lady has proven herself to be strong after she built her own house from the scratch without the help of anybody the lady builds her house and lives there all alone.

The lady is identified as Zamazini Philisiwe Zungu, she is a female Building and Construction Engineer she decided not to hire people to build her house and did it herself, the job really look tedious on her but she did it herself.

She shared the photos of herself visa Facebook which gathered a lot of attention, her posted inspired a lot of people as they took to her comment section to drop some word of encouragement.

According to a user she studied civil engineering at FET but look at what she’s doing in her home this is so encouraging, here are pictures of Zamazini building her house don’t forget to drop your views and opinions in the comment section……….S££ MOR£

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