I Want To Quit Going To Church Since No One Can Explain These Two Verses To Me

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Sometimes, as Christians, we don’t do any research, ask questions, or look for answers. Instead, we just listen to what our leaders say and quote Bible verses that we don’t even bother to read and think about.

A lot of people might be able to help me figure out what these two Bible verses mean.

When God talks about animals in Genesis 1:24 to 27, he talks about how they were made before man was made. As this verse is written, it says that And let the earth bring forth living creatures after their kind, cattle, and animals that move on the ground. And it did.

God made each animal and every animal that moves on the ground in its own kind, and God thought it was good.

This means that God made animals first before people. He made living creatures and cattle, as well as creeping animals like snakes, lizards, and other reptiles.

When he makes man in his own image and likeness in Genesis 1:26, he wants them to be able to control and rule over the fish of the sea, as well as birds of the sky, cattle, all the earth, and every creeping thing that moves on the ground.

God makes Adam first, then fills the garden of Eden with animals for him to play with and for him to have control over them.

This verse says that the Lord God made man out of the dust of the ground and breathed into him the breath of life. Man became a living person.

Furthermore, the second verse says that God made every animal on the ground and every bird in the sky out of the ground. He brought them to Adam to see what he would call them, and whatever Adam called each living thing, that was its name. This shows that Adam was already created by God and probably saw the animals being made.

It can be hard to understand these two sets of verses because we read the Bible in a hurry and don’t take the time to think about them before we make up our minds on which one is right.

As a result, they make the story of how humans and animals came to be a little iffy. They also make it a little unclear whether humans were made first, or if animals were made first.

It would be better if you did your research, tried to prove me wrong, or gave me the right answers instead of spitting insults at me, which is even wrong as a Christian. Please don’t do that….Sée Móre

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