Types Of Eye Contact Used By Ladies That Men Should Know

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When women are in the presence of men, they make direct eye contact. Her sentiments for you influence her eye contact. As a man, you need to know what each type of eye contact means. You may have a crush on a lady, but you have no way of knowing if she reciprocates. Her eye contact might reveal a lot about her feelings toward you.

1. The unintentional stare

A women may stare at you accidentally, especially if you are a stranger. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch her eye when she’s gazing at other people. So you know it wasn’t on purpose if you make eye contact with a lady and she quickly glances away.

2. The determined stare

This is the one when a lady will look at you intently. If you catch her staring because she is shy or whatever, she will swiftly look away. She is fascinated by you, but she is afraid to say so. If you like her, you should make the first move.

3. A secondary stare

A lady will continue to gaze at you in this sort of eye contact even after you catch her staring at you. She will look away after a few moments. This could signal that she actually cares about you. She considers you appealing. It’s possible she won’t be able to…..See More

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