See The Only African President Who Used To Walk Around With Female Bodyguards, Here’s The Reason Behind That

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Muammar Gadaffi’s more than 40 years of reign in Libya came to an end in 2011 when he was assassinated by a military couple.

Gadaffi had become one of the most influential figures in Africa, and he was having an impact around the globe. Economic experts were eager to point out that Libya had one of the best economies in the world and enjoyed perks that citizens of other countries couldn’t even afford.

Gadaffi was a pan-Africanist, which may have contributed to the fact that he had many opponents in the west despite Libya having one of the most successful economies in the world.

Gadaffi led a lifestyle that startled a lot of people who knew him since he had so many adversaries surrounding him. He rarely appeared with male bodyguards, which was one of the unusual aspects. The majority of his close bodyguards were stunning women who followed the group leader everywhere he went, including on international travel.

One would assume that having numerous opponents would necessitate hiring numerous male bodyguards. In this essay, we respond to the topic of why Gadaffi was so fixated on female bodyguards. Sources claim that the major duty of these female bodyguards, who were highly skilled and specially trained in martial arts, was to protect their president.

They received rigorous training that made them extremely competent in their occupations and qualified the president to recruit them. According to reports, Gaddafi chose the women on his own; they were not just delivered to him. Another prerequisite was that they had to be virgins.

Anything was possible for these female bodyguards to do to defend the late president. There are rumors that one of the rebels took a bullet intended for Gadaffi and died on the spot even as Gadaffi was being pursued by the group of rebels during his final few hours. There have been times when several of them have suffered injuries while attempting to defend Gaddafi, like the rebel attack on his motorcade in 1998.

It shows great intelligence on the part of the late president Gadaffi to select female security. Gaddafi was safe since it was difficult for men to shoot women in those days; in fact, no true gunman could shoot and kill a woman.

He also trusted women since he thought they were more trustworthy than men and that it would be difficult for any of them to betray him. Gadaffi always made sure that his inner circle was full of loyalists, which is how he was able to reign for so long.….See More

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