TODAY IN HISTORY: Nigerian Flag Was Designed By Taiwo, See What The Green And White Colors Represent

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A national flag represents or symbolizes a particular country. Every national flag is designed with special meanings for its colors and symbols, which may also be used separately from the flag as a symbol of the country. The national flag is most times altered after the incident of important and memorable historical events.

In this article, we will discuss the history of the Nigerian flag and what the green and white colors stand for.

Michael Taiwo Akinkunmi. He was 23 years old when he gave Nigeria its national symbol, the green, and white flag.

The Nigerian flag was designed in 1959 by a student named Taiwo Akinkunmi. He decided to enter a competition for the best Nigerian flag design and won.

It’s a three-line flag with green lines on the sides and white in the middle. The green color represents; the country’s wealth and rich natural resources. While the white color represents; peace and unity. The flag was raised on the Independence Day of Nigeria being the 1st of October 1960 for the first time………..S££ MOR£

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