Check Out 15 Photos That Bring Back The Sweet Golden Days Memories

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Wet and wild fun

You haven’t seen the flood unless you’ve had the pleasure of being involved as a child. If your parents were unexpectedly missing or you pretended to be quite far from home, you might have been the target of this kind of game.

Modernized eating plans

In order to survive in the city, people had to get creative in the kitchen. When paired with tea, this was one of the most unusual weight loss strategies.

School discipline as a public issue

Every person who has ever attended a public school should take note of this picture. The trials exams and the periods immediately after them often included this form of discipline.

Timeless Matatu

It’s official: the world has changed: cars can be found on every street corner. These matatus were the only option for transportation back then.

Role-playing games that taught us to be mature

Games like intricately sharing family occupations were helpful in figuring out how to demand responsibility before phones disturbed everything.

Natural, or “wild,” Fruits

Even if you didn’t have any money, you could still get your hands on things like this. Today, it’s a hassle to do almost anything without cash on hand.

Toys that are created to order

No freebies were available, and no genuine children were willing to pay full price for gifts.

Picture is worth a thousand words

Have you learned anything from this picture? There was food everywhere, and you might have to use your own clothes as a tote sack for a while.

Battle Tag

Evening games were always a blast, and despite being the ûneighbourhood oddballs, we were safely isolated. Having fun together in this way helped keep the bonds of friendship and love strong…………See More

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