Check Out Photos Of The Mysterious Tree That Bear Fruits In The Shape Of A Woman

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Here’s a peculiar tree growing in Thailand that appears to bear fruit that is precisely the shape of a young woman.

However, although many are awestruck by the green fruits’ shape, others are less persuaded by the murky video. According to Buddhist legend, the Nariphon tree, which is thought to grow in the fabled Himaphan forest, produces the fruit of young female animals.

According to legend, the Buddhist God Indra constructed a residence for his wife Vessantara and his two children in the jungle.

However, Vessantara ran the risk of being assaulted by dreadful male animals when she ventured out into the forest to gather food.

In order to divert the beasts’ attention while his bride choose her own meal, Indra then fashioned 12 unique Nariphon trees that would produce fruit in her likeness. The men would bring these fruits back to their houses, make love to them, and then go to sleep for four months, losing their abilities.

Thai mythology claims that even after Indra and his wife passed away, the trees kept producing fruit. Two Nariphon pods are allegedly located in a Buddhist monastery close to Bangkok.

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