How An American Lady Found Love And Became A Food Hawker After Flying To Kenya From US

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He who finds a wife finds a good thing and has obtained favour from the Lord. There is no boundary to true love and people do find love even in the most unexpected places. Who says love isn’t a beautiful and good thing?

According to a report from Legit Nigeria, an American lady identified as Sylvia Bichanga became a sensation on the internet after a photo of her hawking American foods and snacks went viral. These photos sparked mixed reactions and it made me understand why they say love is a beautiful thing.

[Photo Credit: Legit]

Sylvia and her family relocated to Kenya for a church mission and she ran into Kelvin Opanga, a Kenyan when her dad went to his electronics repair shop, she couldn’t believe her eyes, she trembled that very moment because his physical appearance got her attracted.

Left for me, Sylvia made the right decision by shooting her shot and doing that which made her happy. Nobody compelled her to do the things and selling American foods and snacks is a way of bringing something new to Kenya. At least her work would keep her busy, it would give her more room to associate with the Kenyans and also learn their traditions…..Séé Móré

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