Check Out 4 African Presidents That Are Highly Protected by Top Trained Security Detail (Photos)

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All presidents in Africa have their security detail, but as has always been the case, some Heads of State are more guarded.

Also, presidents require maximum protection in order to discharge their mandate and serve without fear.

According to Displore, heavily guarded presidents are likely those that have suffered political and civil unrest in the recent years.Here take a look most protected African Presidents

1.President of Zimbabwe, Emmerson Mnangagwa

Many security precautions have been taken around the president as a result of the political upheaval Zimbabwe has experienced in recent years to secure his safety, particularly when he is on official business inside or outside the nation.

The president normally travels in an armored limousine behind a number of presidential guards, while his convoy is typically made up of fast motorbikes.

2.Paul Biya -Cameroonian president

Biya has been Cameroonian president for more than 37 years now. No cases of attacks have been heard of him since the failed coup that occured in 1984. Biya rides in an armored Range Rover Sentinel, which costs approximately 500 thousand US Dollars, and sometimes rides in armored Limonsen on special occasions

3.Paul Kagame – President of Rwanda

President Paul Kagame is the president of Rwanda. He is one of the most loved president in Africa since he has taken it upon himself to call out bad leadership in Africa, and as well expose bad Western influence in African politics.

He drives Rangerover which cost $550,000. He is always guarded by high speed Mercedes Benz, several police motorcycle and land cruisers.

4. Alpha Conde – President of Guinea

Alpha Condé is a Guinean politician who served as the fourth president of Guinea from 2010 to 2021.Has the most powerful presidential protective unit in the continent.

The President’s security consisted of an armored Mercedes Benz he used for outdoor appearances, more than 10 high-speed motorcycles that precede his car in public, a High-speed land cruiser.

While in Public, his bodyguard entourage was made up of more than 20 bodyguards both on his national and international missions.

While in Public, his bodyguard entourage was made up of more than 20 bodyguards both on his national and international missions…..S££ MOR£

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